Unit 4: Stage 4 Task 2


The Locative Particles 에 and 에서

예 1 (Example 1):

우체국이 어디 있어요?

학생 You:
학교 식당 옆에 있어요.

학교 식당 옆에 있어요.

post office next to cafeteria

예 2 (Example 2):

제임스 씨는 어디서

학생 You:
도서관에서 공부해요.

도서관에서 공부해요.

James studying in the library

the shape of Korea covered in the Korean flag 1.
2. computer sitting on a desk.
Korea Computer Co. web logo 3.
4. man thinking about what he will do with his gym membership.
highway sign pointing the way to Chicago. 5.
6. hightway sign displaying quarter mile to rout 82 to Boston.
meeting in Conference room 201 on the second floor 7.
8. Ivan in a meeting in Conference room 201 on the second floor

note warning sign

The particle 에 has other functions in addition to the locative function discussed in this stage. You have already learned these different functions of –에 1) directional, 2) temporal, and 3) locative.

Examples of each are provided below.

  1. Directional : 우체국 가요.
  2. Temporal:회의가 두 시 있어요.
  3. Locative: 부모님은 시카고 계세요.

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