Unit 4: Stage 3 Task 4


Task 4

Answering Questions Appropriately

예 1 (Example 1):

김 선생님은 어디에 계세요?

도서관에 계세요.

도서관에 계세요.

man reading newspaper in the library

예 2 (Example 2):

어디 가세요?

학생 [you]:
도서관에 가요.

도서관에 가요.

boy walking to the library
woman answering the phone saying she is very busy!1. 
2. a student learning to read Korean.
girl running past a boy trying to hand her a rose.3.
students sitting on beds in a dormroom4.
man describing the woman in front of him as very pretty5.
student holding a book over a teachers head saying "Teacher Kim is short..."6.
a teacher saying there will be no homework and student saying he is a nice guy7.
girl running in the park8.

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