Irregular Conjugations: ㄷ irregular Verbs


ㄷ irregular Verbs

Comparison: 듣다 vs. 들다

라디오를 들어요.

arrow pointing down and to the left
boy listening to the radio
Dictionary Form: 듣다
Meaning: to hear or listen

Stem: 듣
+ 어요: 어요
Example: 라디오를 들어요.

- Please listen to the radio.
- ( I ) am listening to the radio.
arrow pointing down and to the right
boy picking up a radio from the table

Dictionary Form: 들다
Meaning: to lift/ raise/ pick up

Stem: 들
+ 어요: 들어요
Example: 라디오를 들어요.
- Please pick up the radio.
- ( I ) am picking up the radio.