Unit 3: Stage 8 Task 4, 5, 6 & 7


Task 4

Reading and Arranging Sentences in Order

Read the following sentences and arrange them in the appropriate order. Make sure that the dialogue starts with sentence A.

  1. 일송 씨, 혹시 오늘 회의 있어요?
  2. 복사실하고 강당 사이에 있어요.
  3. 아, 네, 고맙습니다.
  4. 네, 오후 두 시에 이층 회의실에서 있어요.
  5. 실례지만, 이층 회의실이 어디 있어요?

Correct order: ( A ) – ( ) – ( ) – ( ) – ( )

Task 5

Writing Times and Floors

Printable worksheet for Task 5 [pdf]

Task 6

받아 쓰기 (Dictation: Words and Phrases)

Printable worksheet for Task 6 [pdf]

Task 7

받아 쓰기 (Dictation: Dialogue)

Printable worksheet for Task 7 [pdf]

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