Vowels 9 - 11



[ㅗ + ㅐ]

    • ㄷ + ㅚ
      • 돼지

character asking "What is it?"

[ㅜ + ㅓ]

  1. 예요?
    • ㅁ + ㅝ
      • 뭐예요?

character saying "She is a web-designer"

[ㅜ +ㅔ]

  1. 디자이너
    • ㅇ + ㅞ + ㅂ
      • 웹디자이너

culture warning sign

돼지꿈 (Pig Dreams)


Have you ever seen a pig in your dreams?  Did you wonder about a possible meaning or significance?  It varies by culture: according to some dream interpretations, the pig indicates greed or over-consumption.  But Koreans assign a more positive connotation to the pig dream, which is said to signal material or immaterial good fortune.

boy dreaming of a pig and money

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