Consonant Vowel Consonant Formation III


Pat-ch'im Pronunciation:

Pat-ch'im Pronunciation
Category Consonant Graphs Used as Pat-ch'im ♣ Pronunciation Examples
1 ㄱ, ㅋ, ㄲ /k 낙, 낰, 낚

2 /n

3 ㄷ, ㅅ, ㅈ,ㅊ,
ㅌ,ㅎ*, ㅆ
/t 낟, 낫, 낮,낯,
낱, 낳, 났

4 /l

5 /m

6 ㅂ, ㅍ /p 납, 낲

7 /ng

♣ Three consonants, ㄸ ㅃ and ㅉ, are NOT used as pat-ch'im.
* When used as pat-ch'im, the consonant ㅎ has sound values other than /t/, depending on
  neighboring sounds. We will discuss the different sounds as they are introduced in the text. 

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