Unit 2: Stage 9 Vocabulary: Classifier



classifier for book(s)

two books on a shelf
ch'aek tu-gwǒn
shelf full of books
ch'aek yǒl-gwǒn


classifier for items and units
10 apples
sa-gwa yǒl-gae
two camers
k'a-me-ra tu-dae


classifier for bottled products
two bottles of beer.
maek-tchu tu-byǒng
plastic container of grape juice
chu-sŭ han-byǒng


classifier for cigarettes
four packs of cigarettes
tam-bae ne-gap
seven packs of cigarettes
tam-bae il-gop-kkap

classifier for papers
100 papers
chong-i paek-tchang

classifier for electronic devices
three coreless phones on a shelf.
chǒ-na-gi se-dae

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