Unit 2: Stage 6 Informing People of a Meeting


Dialogue Setting:

It’s nine o’clock in the morning. The following conversation takes place between Chi-sǒn and Il-song. Chi-sǒn, unsure whether there is a meeting today, initiates the conversation by asking Il-song for verification on this distinct possibility. First listen to the whole conversation between Chi-sǒn and Il-song.

Chi-sǒn and Il-song talking during the 9 am meeting.

Il-song-ssi, hok-ssi o-nǔl hwe-i i-ssǒ-yo?
Il-song-ssi, do we happen to have a meeting today?

ne, o-hu tu-si-e i-ch’ǔng hwe-i-si-re-sǒ i-ssǒ-yo.
Yes, we have it at two p.m. in the second-floor conference room.