Unit 2: Stage 5 Exercise 4


Describing People's Locations or Occupational Conditions


Kim-bu-jang-ni-mǔn chi-gǔm ǒ-di kye-se-yo?

Kim-bu-jang-ni-mǔn chi-gǔm
sa-mu-si-re kye-se-yo.

man working going through papers, talking on the phone and working on his computer.

From: Dr. Hancock
574 Alps Hall
2976 N. High Street
The Ohio State University
US postage stamp

To: Mr. Smith Poe
791 W. 5th St.
Los Angeles, California 90171

man looking through a microscope
man resting in a recliner
woman looking at a book in the library
woman working on a computer with MS Office 02
OSU professor cartoon