Unit 2: Stage 3 Exercise 2


Stating One's Hometown

Sǒng-min-ssi-nǔn ko-hyang-i

che ko-hyang-ǔn Hang-guk

Sǒng-min Cho

#94 | Relief Pitchers| Columbus Vipers| Roster

Height: 5-11
Weight: 177
Throws: Right
Bats: Right
Born: January 19, 1979, Seoul, South Korea



Maria Morison

Current Address:
103 Ave. Victor Hugo
Paris, France 75118
16th District
105 Ave. Victor Hugo
Paris, France 75118
16th District

An internship in public relations that would allow me to develop.

A through G
Faculty Listing and Information

John Anderson, Ph. D.
e-mail: Anderson.21@nealrc.org
Status: Assistant Professor
Office: 279 Alps Hall
Hometown: Columbus, Ohio
Ph. D.: Ohio State University

Mark Beeth

H through M
Personnel Directory

Yŏng-suk Kang
e-mail: kangysuk@hankookcomputer.com
Status: Administrative Assistant
Office: 1275 Hancock Tower
Hometown: Su-wŏn, Kyŏng-gi-do, South Korea

Bong-gi Min
e-mail: minbgi@hankookcomputer.com

S through V
Faculty Listing and Information

Kimberly Schmidt, Ph. D.
e-mail: Schmidt.12@nealrc.org
Status: Associate Professor
Office: 275 Alps Hall
Hometown: Frankfurt, Germany
Ph.D.: University of Minnesota

Will Smith, Ph. D.