Unit 2: Stage 2 Exercise 1


Making a Polite Request

Example 1:

Student with her teacher

You say:
chǒ-rǔl chom to-wa-ju-si-ge-ssǒ-yo?

Example 2:

teacher pointing at chalkboard saying please speak English.

You say:
Yǒng-ǒ-ro ma-ra-se-yo.

for both Example 1 and Example 2

  1. Would you come to school?
adult talking to three children about going to school.
teacher standing at chalkboard asking the students to speak in korean.
Teacher pointing at a book, one page says "Please look at the book.." and the other just says "look at the book"
  1. Would you help Yǒng-mi-ssi?
Woman standing in front of a vending machine asking for help
  1. Would you like to go home?
two girls talking about going home.
  1. Would you like to eat now?
a man and woman talking about going to dinner.

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