Unit 1: Stage 6


Learning Objectives:


  • Exchanging information about one's profession


  • Declarative and interrogative sentences: different ending pitches
  • Topic particles distinction: ǔn vs. nǔn
  • Object particles distinction: ǔl vs. rǔl
  • Copular verbs distinction: ~ye-yo vs.~i-ye-yo
  • Honorific and non honorific endings: a-syǒ-ssǒ-yo vs. hae-ssǒ-yo
  • Interrogative adverbs: ǒn-je, ǒ-ttǒ-k'e, and ǒl-ma-na
  • Interrogative adjective: ǒ-ttǒn
  • Demonstrative denoting previously mentioned object/person or concept