Describing People


Dialogue Setting:

Paul is arriving at the airport on his first visit to Korea. Professor Lee Sang-ch’ǒl and his wife, Professor Kang Myǒng-hee, who are hosting Paul for his stay in Korea, are at the airport to meet him. They are trying to find Paul among the disembarking passengers. Professor Kang Myǒng-hee, who has never met Paul before, is trying valiantly to locate him in the crowd.

girl pointing out and describing another individual to the boy next to her

chǒ-nam-ja-bu-ni P’ol-ssi-ye-yo?
Is that man Paul?         
a-ni-o, P’ol-ssi-nǔn k’i-ga tǒ k’ǒ-yo.
No, Paul is taller.