Section B: Structure Review



In this exercise, a critical particle has been omitted from each exchange. Listen to each exchange. By using contextual clues, complete it with the most appropriate particle.

  1. A:chǒ-nǔn hak-ssaeng-im-ni-da.  Su-jan-ssi-do hak-ssaeng-i-se-yo?
    B:ne, chǒ-___  hak-ssaeng-im-ni-da.

    1. rǔl
    2. ro
    3. do
    4. nǔn

  2. A:Wen-di-ssi-nǔn Yǒng-guk-ssa-ra-mi-e-yo.  Te-ni-ssi-do Yǒng-guk-ssa-ra-mi-se-yo?
    B:a-ni-yo, chǒ-___ Chung-guk-ssa-ra-mim-ni-da.

    1. nǔn
    2. ro
    3. rǔl
    4. do

  3. A:chǒ yǒ-ja-___ Mi-hwa-ssi-ye-yo?
    B:a-ni-yo, Mi-hwa-ssi-nǔn tǒ ye-ppǒ-yo.

    1. rǔl
    2. do
    3. ka
    4. ro


Write an appropriate question or statement for each of the given situations.

  1. Introduce yourself as James Kuhn, the American.

  2. You want to know whether Mike Sawasaki is Japanese.

  3. You want to introduce Mr. Terry Adams to your professor.

  4. You were just introduced to a new co-worker in an office. Tell her that it is nice to meet her.

  5. You want to know whether this person is James Miller.

  6. Tell your friend that James Miller is somewhat taller.

  7. You want to say that this girl is Susan.

  8. You want to ask what kind of work your conversation partner does.

  9. Your partner says that she is a computer programmer. Ask her how long she has been in that line of work.

  10. Ask Michael-ssi what his hobbies are.

  11. You want to say that you like playing tennis.

  12. You want to say that you go to the movies every week.

  13. You just hopped in a taxi. Ask the driver to take you to Kyǒng-bok Palace.

  14. Compliment your conversation partner on his or her Korean.

  15. our conversation partner seems to have indicated that she is going to go to New York, but you are not quite sure. Confirm whether she meant New York by asking her a question.


  1. Critique the actions of the indicated individual using the patterns you learned in Stage Seven.
    1. Jane-ssi, swims well
    2. Teacher Kim, cooks well

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