Section C: Listening Comprehension



You will hear four dialogues.  Listen to each exchange and answer in English the questions that follow.

Exchange  1 (Jǒng-min and Min kyo-su)

  1. What are the respective occupations of the speakers?
    Min kyo-su-nim: (                       )
    Jǒng-min-ssi: (                        )

  2. How is Jǒng-min-ssi these days?  Does he have a lot of free time? Why or why not?

  3. Listen again to Min kyo-su-nim's question.

    Why did he omit any direct reference to Jǒng-min-ssi?
  4. Which answer below best describes the relationship between the two speakers?

    1. Best friends
    2. Classmates
    3. Professor and former student
    4. Professor and colleague

Exchange  2  (Yǒng-suk and Wǒn-jun)

  1. What best describes the relationship between the two speakers?

    1. Teacher and student
    2. Professor and colleague
    3. Classmates
    4. Coworkers

  2. What are the nationalities of Yǒng-suk and Wǒn-jun?

    1. American and Korean
    2. Korean and Chinese
    3. They are both American.
    4. They are both Korean.

  3. On what does Yǒng-suk compliment Wǒn-jun?

    1. New jacket
    2. Speaking English well
    3. Speaking Korean well
    4. Studying hard

  4. What is keeping Wǒn-jun busy these days?

    1. Studying English
    2. Preparing for graduation
    3. Studying Korean
    4. Studying math

Exchange  3  (Min-ch'ǒl and Me-ri)

  1. What are the respective occupations of the two speakers?

    1. They are both professional soccer players.
    2. They are both students.
    3. They both drive taxis.
    4. Me-ri is a web designer and Min-ch'ǒl is a physicist.

  2. Who has been in the business longer? Min-ch'ǒl or Me-ri?

    1. Min-ch'ǒl
    2. Me-ri
    3. Same
    4. We don't know.

  3. Listen again to Me-ri's question.

    What does Me-ri want to know?
    1. Min-ch'ǒl's hobbies and past-times
    2. Min-ch'ǒl's experiences with the taxi-driving business
    3. Min-ch'ǒl's opinion of bowling champion An Kullǒ
    4. Min-ch'ǒl's occupation

  4. Which of the following could describe most accurately the relationship between
    the speakers?

    1. Friends
    2. Student and professor
    3. Parent and child
    4. Coworkers

Exchange  4  (at a school party)

  1. Choose the two characteristics that most closely describe Pyǒng-jun-ssi. 

    1. Short and very thin
    2. Very short and thin
    3. Heavyset and very tall
    4. Heavyset and tall

  2. Which speaker is probably better acquainted with Pyǒng-jun-ssi?

    1. Male student
    2. Female student
    3. Nobody knows Pyǒng-jun-ssi.
    4. We can't tell.

  3. Which sentence below contains a comparison?

    1. kǔk-tchang-e mae-ju ka-yo.
    2. kǔk-tchang-e cha-ju ka-se-yo?
    3. Che-ni-ssi-ga tǒ ye-ppǒ-yo.
    4. tǒk-ppu-ne chal chi-nae-yo.