Unit 0: Stage 6 Exercise


The instructors are having difficulty communicating with Nicholas A. Reticent, a new student to Korean. Why don’t you help them out with some interpreting?

  1. What’s I-sǒn-saeng-nim trying to tell Nicholas A. Reticent?
    1. Please sit down.
    2. Please say it in Korean.
    3. Please say it in English.
  2. Nicholas Reticent: How do you say “apple” in Korean?
    1. "Apple"-ǔl yǒng-ǒ-ro mwǒ-ra-go-hae-yo?
    2. Apple-ǔl po-se-yo.
    3. "Apple"-ǔl hang-gung-mal-lo mwǒ-ra-go-hae-yo?
  3. What's White-sǒn-saeng-nim trying to tell Nicholas?
    1. Don't look at me.
    2. Don't say it in Korean.
    3. Don't say it in English.
  4. What’s I-sǒn-saeng-nim asking Nicholas?
    1. How do you say “sǒn-saeng-nim” in English?
    2. Please look at sǒn-saeng-nim.
    3. Please repeat after sǒn-saeng-nim.


 Da-bo-t'ap at Bul-guk-sa Temple

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